All families who have passed through Holy Family Child Care Centre know the highest quality of care that is provided by the Sisters and staff. Read some of the testimonies below which speak for themselves:

As Parents we are so grateful for the Spiritual, Emotional and Academic growth Holy Family Child Care Centre  gave both our children – they were the best “ready for Prep” kids in their year level. It is pretty special when not only us parents but the teachers and other parents notice how well prepared they are!

Sebastian and Carmelina Vitale

We had the pleasure of sending Max to Holy Family Child Care Centre from 2015-2017 and cannot speak highly enough about the kindness, care and guidance the Sisters and staff devoted to Max and all the kids. Each day started with a prayer and a song which was always a lovely start to the morning.  We loved the fact that most of the teachers had worked their long term which made for a beautiful environment for the kids. I could count on one had the amount of times Max was sick in 3 years (which is a testament in itself).  David and I cannot thank Holy Family enough for providing a safe, nurturing and fun environment for our son Max, which has led to a beautiful start at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School. We will always treasure our experience at Holy Family and the kindness of the teachers and Sisters.

David & Shelly Pearson, New Farm

Over the past 5 years I have had three children attend Holy Family Child Care Centre.  My children have had a wonderful time at Holy Family and have thrived in the environment.  When you drop your children at the Centre you know that they are in safe and nurturing hands.  All of the staff are warm and caring and provide the children with the skills needed to transition to primary school.  There is a very low staff turnover and most of the wonderful teachers have been there for years.  I cannot recommend Holy Family enough to friends, family or anyone seeking a caring and nurturing environment for their child. 

Clare & Paul Wilkinson, New Farm

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Holy Family Child Care Centre. Over the past 4 years we have had our two children attend HFCC and to say they have enjoyed their time there is an understatement. They have thrived in this wonderfully caring and nurturing environment. There has been no turnover of main educators in the four years we have been involved with the centre which speaks volumes. This highly experienced staff has provided invaluable consistency and familiarity for us and our children. HFCC prepares the children incredibly well for school with focus on family values, prayer, learning and developing the children’s practical independence and self esteem (from putting on their own shoes to making up their own cots for sleep time). We appreciated being welcomed and encouraged into the classrooms to stay with our children in their first weeks of childcare so that they and we were completely at ease. I cannot speak more highly of the centre and staff at Holy Family.

Arna & David Ringholt

Our number one priority for our children in child care, is that they are cared for with genuine compassion and are in safe hands. Over the nine years we have had our children at Holy Family Child Care Centre, we are confident this priority has been met every day, due to the exceptional dedicated staff. 

Margot and Sam Brandenburg