Parent Resources

Important Information for Parents

What To Bring To Holy Family 

  • A Hat (our policy is if No Hat, the child’s area of play is restricted to the shade). There is no sharing of hats.
  • Cot sheet (fitted-185cm x 85cm)
  • Pillow case (as a bag for the cot sheet)
  • Change of clothes (suitable for the season)
  • Underwear (Playroom C-packet of Pull-ups)
  • Wipes (for Playroom C only)
  • Lunch box with Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea
  • Plastic Water Bottle

ALL items need to be clearly labeled with your child’s initials, including all articles of clothing and these are to be taken home each week for washing.

FOOD: The Centre does not supply food for the children. You are requested to send food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for your child. Some suggestions are: sandwiches; fruit; yoghurts; cheese; boiled eggs; slices of meat; various vegetables. Please send all foods covered, wrapped or sealed in an airtight container. All containers are to be named. Biscuits and cakes are not considered an appropriate morning tea and, due to our ‘Nut Free’ policy, are not usually eaten here.

DRINKS: The best drink to send is water! It has been recommended by dentists to keep ‘popper’ drinks for a treat as these too contain sugar. The sugars in some fruit juice, cordial and soft drinks can be a contributing factor in hyperactive children. By sending in a plastic water bottle, we can refill it and monitor your child’s intake each day.

BIRTHDAYS: Cakes need to be ‘nut free’! For the celebration of your child’s birthday, a cake or patty cakes are enough. Please, no lolly bags/sweets/chips.

By giving your child a well planned and nutritious lunch, you are helping them to stay in ‘top form’ as well as helping them to establish good eating habits that last through life.

Parent Participation at the Centre

Are welcome at the Centre at all times! We do recommend, if possible, that parents stay for as long as they feel they are needed to help your child settle in. Communication between parents and staff is an integral part of a successful program and comments and suggestions are important, appreciated and welcomed. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the Centre, whenever it is possible. It is understood though that there would be some time restraints for working parents. Organizing fund-raising activities or conducting a parent committee are just a couple of suggestions for the on-going support of the Centre.

We (the Centre staff) feel that it is important that parents attend the Information Session, held in the early stages of the year. This meeting is to share information on children’s development, expectations of the Centre from parents and Centre expectations of the parents. Included in the meeting is a general outline of the curriculum for the year.


All staff are qualified teachers/group leaders, according to child care regulations, as are the teacher aides and auxiliary staff. In knowing the children individually, understanding child development, together with parents expectation, the teachers/group leaders plan their curriculum around the needs of the children. The staff work in shifts to ensure that children are supervised at all times.


The Centre’s policies are available to be read, and you are encouraged to read them, by all who attend the Centre. You will find the policy manuals in each classroom as well as in the office and the staff room and on this website. Please feel free to be shown a copy. Click here for a link to Holy Family Child Care Centre Policies.


Children are to wear practical clothing suitable to the weather, to enable them to actively participate in the day’s program. Please note that jeans with stud buttons and belts are too hard for the children to undo to gain independence in toileting. It is essential that all clothes be clearly marked. This practicality includes appropriate footwear. All shoes need a back strap that goes around the heel, allowing the child to run, jump, climb etc without the ‘fear’ of falling when the shoe falls off. A hat is to be brought in everyday.


Sleep time or rest time is an important part of a child’s day. Most children have very long days and it is essential that they have a time of rest, a period of relaxation. This ensures that they are not overtired or over stimulated by the end of the day.

Dropping Off Children And Collecting Children

Parents or another responsible adult are the ONLY one to sign their child/ren in and out of the Centre, each day that their child/ren attend. These sign in sheets are outside each classroom. This is the adult’s responsibility. If this is not attended to then your child/ ren will be considered absent for that day and will be recorded as such in the Child Care Benefits payments.

Fire and Lock Down Drills

Are practiced once a month, on alternating days and at various times during the morning activity session.


The Director is available for an interview by appointment, during the week. Teachers too, are very willing to make an appointment with parents at a time that is convenient to both. Dialogue and discussions on any subject concerning your child/ren’s development are always welcome and encouraged. Teachers are often available during the children’s rest time, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm.

Please Inform Us at The Centre

Each time your child will not be attending the Centre, for any reasons, be it sickness, holidays etc. If it is another person who is collecting your child/ren from the Centre, please give written authority. This person will then need to come with some identification.


Your child should be up to date with his/her immunisations and all relevant information given to the Director at the time of enrolment. For the protection of all at the Centre, please do not allow your child to come to the Centre if they are sick with any contagious infections. This includes flu, eye infections, head lice and open wounds. The Director, or other person in charge, has the right to send home any child whom she considers not well enough to attend the Centre. In case of a sudden illness or accident, if the parent cannot be contacted, the Director (as agent for the parent) will have the discretionary power to seek immediate medical attention, but is under no obligation to do so.


All medications, brought to be administered to a child while at the Centre, must be fully labelled with the child’s name and name of medication clearly showing. This medication is then written up in the medication book, found in each Playroom, and the medication is given to a member of staff. Please note that medication will NOT be given if another child’s name is on it; if is out of date; or there is a discrepancy of dosage.

We are a ‘Nut Free’ Centre

We CANNOT allow foods that contain nuts or even traces of nuts, to be consumed in the Centre. If foods are not labeled as nut free, homemade, and/or are out of their original packaging, then we have no choice but to send these home uneaten. Other food/food stuff not permitted is gum; cordial; soft drinks or the like; lollies or chocolate, chips, etc.