It is acknowledged that the first five years are the most impressionable and formative years in the child’s life.

We are constantly attentive to the directives of the Church. All our educational activities are carried out in full collaboration with the local Church and Government Authorities, when it is compatible with our philosophy.

Our staff need to respect, and be inspired by the ideals of the Canossian Daughters of Charity as we work together to reflect the teaching of Christ in our way of living and relating with children and adults alike.

Each member of the Staff needs to work in such a way as to enable the Centre to build up an atmosphere of harmony and trust, and witness to the children entrusted to our care the values taught by Christ in the Gospel: love, compassion, justice, reverence, forgiveness etc … and, in this way help to improve in all, and for all, the quality of life.

Aware of the situation of our present society we feel the need of an ongoing formation and updating, to be acquainted with the rapid changes in the education system.

The Centre ensures a non-discriminatory access to children and parents. Each person who comes in contact with us is treated with dignity and respect. The employment of all personnel is based on qualifications, ability to function effectively and with care, and on the individual’s needs.

Discipline is taken into consideration with a positive approach. At all times Staff interact with children in a way that maintains and enhance their positive self esteem.

Prior to a child’s placement, parents and child will meet with the Director for an interview to complete all appropriate forms, and familiarise themselves with the Staff and the environment.

We are open to helping students, volunteers and trainees, and to giving them the experiences they need to gain skills in the early childhood field.

Your help and interest in the Centre will be a measure of the success and the enjoyment for your children and their teachers. It is of the greatest importance that parents cooperate and enjoy working together now for the future of their children.

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