Welcome to Holy Family Child Care Centre, Spring Hill

Holy Family Child Care Centre is a Catholic long-day care facility providing exceptional care for children aged 2-5 years. The incredibly low fee of $100 per day, stands in stark contrast to the high quality care provided by a qualified and dedicated team of staff. 

You will not find a more financially viable and quality option for day care for your child anywhere in Brisbane. 



Holy Family Child Care Centre is run by the Canossian Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor. It is a non-profit making long-day care facility. We are a Queensland Government approved early child care provider. 

The philosophy of our education is drawn from the Gospel values and rooted in St. Magdalen’s vision, that through education, human and Christian values can be discovered, accepted and lived. We value and respect each person, recognising differences in religious belief, age, race, sex, physical and intellectual capacity and economic status.The sense of ‘family spirit’ which enriches everyone who brings their children to Holy Family, ensures that the beautiful reputation of quality early child care provided by the sisters for the past 50 years, continues to flourish.


Operating Hours

  • The Centre is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, 48 weeks of the year.
  • Two weeks prior to Christmas and two week after Christmas, the Centre closes annually for four weeks.
  • The Centre is closed only on Public Holidays during the year. 

Why Choose Holy Family Child Care Centre?

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. Consultation with this document, as well as research in child development and contemporary early childhood theorists supports curriculum decision-making and promotes reflection and planning for extension and enrichment of play experiences

Our Educators

All educators observe, reflect, plan and share curriculum decision-making during both formal and informal meetings and discussions. Educators use observation and documentation tools such as anecdotes, smart board, individual reflection, group planning and photographs as developmental summative assessment on paper, following the ELYF.

Our Learning Environments

Holy Family has beautifully developed indoor and outdoor learning space which offer children spontaneous and planned experiences as appropriate to the developmental capabilities of each child. With a vast array of educational resources, set amidst an environmentally sustainable learning space, children are supported to take safe risks. Each day staff consider and question the function, flexibility and responsiveness of the space to ensure it continually challenges and enhances children’s play.

Parent Participation

The Parents Committee plays a very active part in the centre, being responsible for fundraising activities throughout the year. All funds raised are used for the benefit of the children. 

Embracing Diversity

We cultivate respectful, supportive and collaborative relationships with families and the wider community.  We embrace and celebrate the diversity that exists within our community and invite and welcome differences in culture, background and life experience.